Waste Processing and Refuse Derived Fuels

Innovative: We process packaging, business, industry and municipal waste. Following the principle of a triple subdivision of the caloric value, we create quality-controlled refuse-derived fuels (RDF). This is an outstanding solution to utilise waste and residue that aren’t recyclable to a high energetic standard.

Customer oriented and highly experienced. B+T is a long-time partner for industry, business and local authorities all over Europe. Our experience in utilising and handling large quantities of waste is often accentuated by long-term contracts.

Your benefits:

  • nation-wide net of recycling plants
  • B+T owned RDF power plants
  • cost savings compared to conventional methods
  • recovery of reusable materials
  • residue-free recovery of all waste materials

RDF supply: customer oriented, with controlled quality and lots of experience

We provide an end-to-end one-stop service chain with sorting, processing and recycling plants at central locations and ecologically sound recycling concepts. Thus, B+T Group is optimally prepared for the high standards required by industry, businesses and local authorities.

In RDF supply too, our service range guarantees numerous benefits:

  • quality control
  • security of supply
  • long-term partnership
  • innovations
  • continuous development

special refuse-derived fuels for the cement industry

We supply your company with apposite refuse-derived fuels. Our RDF plants allow individual production for different clients.

RDF supply for the brick-making industry

We are very experienced with high-calory products. We have been supplying the brick-making industry with high-calory RDF for years and are very familiar with the industry’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us.