Contracting – energy supply for industry clients

As your energy-contracting partner, B+T takes over the energy supply for your company. This is done using alternative sources – entirely independent of the primary energy source.

We recover energy from a variety of waste and residue. Thus, we actively contribute to protecting our environment and climate. Thereby, we reduce the use of fossil fuels .

You profit from our innovative technology that guarantees a stable long-term energy supply. When planning “your” plant, we consider your individual and location-specific energy requirements. We design, plan, finance, build and operate the power plant. This energy leads your production into the future.

B+T guarantees

  • long-term energy cost benefits
  • stable energy supply
  • innovation for your industry location
  • CO2 savings for more protection of the environment and climate

Energy supply for industry clients

From the bin to the power socket. We not only process accrued waste but transform them into new energy. Thanks to residue-derived fuels and scrap wood combustion, we supply you with alternative energy. Together we refrain from using fossil fuels, for the benefit of our environment.

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