History of B+T Group: the milestones

Our family business was founded in 1854. Throughout several generations, it has been owned and led by the family. Meanwhile, it developed from a transport company to an energy provider and full-service waste disposal service provider.

Logistics is still an important part of our service chain. Here too our tradition meets the future.


  • B+S Recyclage SAS

    B+S Recyclage sorts residual materials in France for the production of substitute fuel.


  • B+T Energie France SAS

    B+T Energie France plans, realizes and operates refuse derived fuel plants for large industrial customers. Currently, a plant in Chalampé (Alsace) is being implemented.
  • B+T Horn Energie GmbH

    B+T Horn Energie GmbH operates a biomass power plant with an output of 102 MWtherm at its Horn-Bad Meinberg site.


  • B+T Environnement SAS

    B+T Environnement provides waste disposal and energy supply services for industrial customers in France.
  • B+T Deuna GmbH

    On the site of Deuna Zement GmbH in the district of Eichsfeld/North Thuringia, substitute fuel is produced from pre-sorted commercial waste specifically according to the requirements of the cement plant and used directly as fuel.


  • B+S Papenburg Energie GmbH

    B+S Papenburg GmbH is a joint venture of the company Umweltdienste Bohn and Steinbeis Holding.


  • B+T Plastics GmbH

    ... the company has processed PET bottles into PET granualt and was sold in 2019.


  • B+M Recycling GmbH

    B+M Recycling GmbH operates a modern processing plant for mixed construction site waste and other comparable waste mixtures at its site in Frankfurt. From this, secondary raw materials for material recycling and substitute fuels are produced.


  • EBS Concept GmbH

    On the site of the Steinbeis paper mill in Glückstadt, EBS Concept sorts residual materials for the production of refuse-derived fuel, which is directly utilized for energy at the site by Steinbeis Energie GmbH.


  • Albbrennstoff GmbH

    On the Schwenk Zement site in Allmendingen, refuse-derived fuel is produced from pre-sorted commercial waste specifically according to the requirements of the cement plant and used directly as fuel.


  • B+T Cineris GmbH

    B+T Cineris is your partner for the disposal of power plant residues and minerals.
  • B+T Biopower GmbH

    The company B+T Biopower GmbH stands for energetic utilization of biogas from the anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater.


  • B+T Engineering AG

    B+T Engineering is your partner for planning and project engineering in the field of environmental plants and power generation with locations in Dübendorf and Breitenbach in Switzerland.


  • First RDF power plant in Witzenhausen

    A prime example for the energy supply of industrial customers is the cooperation of B+T Energie with the company DS Smith at the Witzenhausen site - implemented by operating B+T's own refuse derived fuel power plant.


  • B+T Energie GmbH

    Energy supply to industrial customers with own RDF power plant in Witzenhausen.
  • B+T Brennstoff GmbH

    B+T Brennstoff markets our substitute fuels from waste processing in Germany and many other European countries.


  • First recycling plant in Buseck


  • B+T Umwelt GmbH

    Disposal of residual materials from the paper industry, disposal of municipal waste, waste processing, handling and logistics.


  • Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH

    Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH is a partner for the disposal of residual materials from the paper industry, disposal of commercial waste and municipal waste, waste treatment in our own processing plants, production of substitute fuels, handling and logistics solutions.


  • First disposal order

    ... from the paper industry!


  • Bohn transports

    Founding of the transport company Bohn Transporte