We help you take the easy way out of difficult tasks!

We are your specialised provider with a high-performing modern motor pool, and effective handling solutions. Our logisticians always show team spirit, customer orientation, and a high degree of reliability. Thus, they ensure smooth and punctual project handling.

We have our own great selection of vehicles. On top of this, we have access to a fleet from a select network of partners. This allows us to react flexibly with short notice and to fulfil all demands for disposal logistics around the clock, seven days a week.

This logistics concept offers significant benefits for our clients:

  • timely delivery and collection
  • reliable contacts
  • dependable structures
  • environmentally friendly transport thanks to optimal use of vehicle capacity
  • cost reduction

Individually tailored transport solutions for a variety of tasks

With our own B+T Group motor pool, we can offer clients a wide range of individually tailored transport solutions for all kinds of tasks.

  • walking floor HGV
  • container HGV
  • large-capacity tippers
  • heavy-duty push-off trailers
  • silo trucks …
  • … and whatever else you need

The great advantage: our push floor or walking floor vehicles can transport almost all voluminous waste. For the disposal of sewage sludge, we use push-off and tipper trailers. We use silo trucks in different sizes for transporting ashes, granules, sand, lime, and other materials.

With this equipment, we can always meet clients’ demands and guarantee smooth processes especially at structurally challenging loading and unloading points.