Sustainability is always at the heart of our disposal and supply concepts

Introducing waste into a cycle, giving it a second chance, is the basis of our disposal conepts. All of them are based on this principle.

We give your waste a second chance!

We know and use material characteristics of waste and residue. Thus, we bring them to further utilisation.

We already recover phosphor from sewage sludge ashes and provide it to farmers. This has been compulsory since 2017 but currently the transitional period of 12 to 15 years is still ongoing.

By desiccating and producing granules from sewage sludges that we then use energetically in our facilities we actively save fossil fuels.

With the energetic use of a variety of waste and residues we also contribute purposefully to the protection of the environment and climate. For, this too sustainably reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

We make the world greener. Out of regard and responsibility for the environment.