The heart of our disposal and supply concepts: sustainability

We at B+T Group take care of the non-recyclable part of waste and utilise its energetic and material potentials.

Our concept: quality-controlled energy production from raw materials and resources from waste and their return to the energy cycle. Thus, even the last bit of waste is put to valuable and sensible use – energy production.

In our sorting, recycling and incineration plants, we use the material characteristics of waste and residue, produce fuels of the highest and secured quality and produce energy. Thus, we actively reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels like coal. With our work, we contribute purposefully to the protection of the environment and climate and make the world a little greener every day – out of regard and responsibility for our environment.

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We turn waste into energy

We dispose, recycle, supply clients with energy low in CO2, utilise reusable materials, secure logistics, develop innovative technologies, plan and consult. At all times, we work completely transparently and on the basis of all required permissions and certifications.

We work based on:

  • highest quality: quality-controlled energy production, experienced specialists and secure recycling plants
  • long-term client relationships: Our goal is customer orientation and reliable and dependable relationships.
  • expertise and development: We work daily at making our work even more efficient and contributing to climate protection with state-of-the-art technology.
  • our family business: We combine a long tradition with innovation for a more sustainable, green future.

State-of-the-art waste combustion is much more secure and sensible than the disposal at a waste disposal site that used to be common. With out daily actions we reduce the creation of climate-wrecking gases thirty-fold. We make sure that all waste is utilised in an economically and ecologically sensible way. To achieve this we separate waste carefully before processing it. We even examine the ashes that are created in energy production for potential recovery and utilise them. Thus, absolutely nothing is lost.

We substitute great amounts of fossil fuels with alternatives we produce from waste. Thanks to our refuse-derived fuels, countless industry clients have already managed to phase out coal. Gas too – that first needs to be transported thousands of kilometres and is precarious in terms of geopolitics – we make dispensable with energy from waste.

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