History of B+T Group: the milestones

Our family business was founded in 1854 and has developed from a transport company to an energy provider and full-service waste disposal service provider over seven generations of family ownership. With us, tradition meets future and progress.


  • B+S Recyclage SAS

    B+S Recyclage sorts residual materials in France for the production of refuse-derived fuel.


  • B+T Energie France SAS

    B+T Energie France plans, constructs and operates refuse-derived fuel plants for large industrial clients.
  • B+T Horn Energie GmbH

    B+T Horn Energie GmbH operates a biomass power plant with an output of 102 MWtherm at its location in Horn-Bad Meinberg.


  • B+T Environnement SAS

    B+T Environnement takes care of waste disposal and energy supply for industry clients in France.
  • B+T Deuna GmbH

    On the premises of Deuna Zement GmbH in Eichsfeld/Nordthüringen, refuse-derived fuel is produced from pre-sorted commercial waste for the specific requirements of the cement plant and is subsequently used as fuel.


  • B+S Papenburg Energie GmbH

    B+S Papenburg Energie GmbH is a joint venture by Umweltdienste Bohn and Steinbeis Holding.


  • B+T Plastics GmbH

    The company produced PET granules from PET bottles and was sold in 2019.


  • B+M Recycling GmbH

    In Frankfurt, B+M Recycling GmbH operates a modern recycling plant for mixed construction waste and comparable waste mixes. From this, secondary raw materials for material recyling and residue-derived fuels are produced.


  • EBS Concept GmbH

    On the premises of the Steinbeis paper mill in Glückstadt, EBS-Concept sorts waste for the production of residue-derived fuel that is utilised directly on-site by Steinbeis Energie GmbH.


  • Albbrennstoff GmbH

    On the premises of Schwenk Zement in Allmendingen, refuse-derived fuel is produced from pre-sorted commercial waste for the specific requirements of the cement plant and is subsequently used as fuel.


  • B+T Cineris GmbH

    B+T Cineris is your partner for the disposal of power plant residues and minerals.
  • B+T Biopower GmbH

    B+T Biopower GmbH stands for die energetic utilisation of biogas from the anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewaters.


  • B+T Engineering AG

    B+T Engineering is your partner for planning and project design regarding environmental systems and energy production with locations in Dübendorf and Breitenbach in Switzerland.


  • First RDF power plant in Witzenhausen

    A prime example for energy provision for industrial clients is the cooperation between B+T Energie and DS Smith at the Witzenhausen site - implemented through B+T's own refuse-derived fuel power plant.


  • B+T Energie GmbH

    Energy supply for industry clients with an RDF power plant in Witzenhausen.
  • B+T Brennstoff GmbH

    B+T Brennstoff markets refuse-derived fuels from waste recycling in Germany and many European countries.


  • First recycling plant in Buseck


  • B+T Umwelt GmbH

    Disposal of paper industry residue, disposal of municipal waste, recycling, handling and logistics.


  • Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH

    Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH is a partner for the disposal of paper industry waste, commercial waste, municipal waste, waste recycling in our own recycling plants, production of residue-derived fuels, handling and logistics solutions.


  • First disposal contract

    ... from the paper industry!


  • Bohn Transporte

    Founding of the transport company Bohn Transporte