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Xmas promotion 20201000 trees for Christmas …

… we will plant together with klimafairein Oberhessen e.V. next spring – our gift to the region and the people who want to live here now and in the future.

Because together we are pursuing the goal of sustainability and climate protection – and what can be more valuable than a forest of trees that will not only bring joy at Christmas, but for decades to come!

Built to last, for future generations, a sign of responsible interaction with each other and with nature – a Christmas thought that we would like to share with you.

Trees store carbon …

… in very large quantities by absorbing CO2 during photosynthesis and forming wood from it. And large amounts of carbon are also stored in forest soils. Forests thus contribute significantly to the formation of oxygen and have a central function in the water cycle. They also influence the
ambient temperature and the cleanliness of the air.

And: nothing can relax you like a walk in the forest.

We are looking forward to it!