Biomass Power Plant Papenburg

Energy for the future

The modern biomass power plant uses the potentials of the circular economy. We primarily use scrap wood that has reached the end of its use cycle. The energy thus produced is fed into the public electricity grid and supplies around 35,000 households and businesses with “green energy”. The energy production is carried out in adherence to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG)). Fluidised bed technology ensures a high degree of efficiency. It requires less fuel and allows for an even incineration of scrap wood. All exhaust fumes are adsorbed and cleansed.

Data of the biomass heat and power plant

Type of power plant: biomass heat and power plant
Boiler type: fluidised bed, throughput 20 t/h
Start of operations: June 2003
Combustion and heat capacity: ca. 70 MW
Energy produced: 155.000 MWh electricity p.a.
Fuel: scrap wood, class A II – A IV
Fuel capacity: 140.000 – 180.000 t/a
Energy production: 155.000 MWh/a
Energy marketing: EEG Förderung

Power plant details:

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