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B+T GroupB+T Group honours long-standing employees

Alsfeld. The B+T Group’s Christmas party is traditionally a festive occasion to honour those who have been with the company for many years. This year, eleven honours were on the agenda at the old goods station in Alsfeld – and a fond farewell after more than 22 years.

Managing Director Ralf Bohn emphasised in his opening speech to around 100 employees: “An anniversary is also a time to pause and remember how we started out.” All eleven colleagues have contributed their very different personalities and strengths. Ralf Bohn: “For the many years of commitment, passion and loyalty to the B+T Group, I say, we say: Many, many thanks!”

In addition to the honours for their service, Managing Director Bohn was also able to bid farewell to a veteran of the B+T Group on his retirement. “In more than 22 years, Alfred Päbler has helped shape almost all of the B+T Group’s recent developments. After more than 22 years, retirement is more than deserved – and now there are also more opportunities for private projects,” says Ralf Bohn.

After thanking everyone for their great commitment in 2023 and getting in the mood for new projects in 2024, the social part of the Christmas party then took centre stage.

The following employees were honoured at the B+T Group Christmas party.

For 5 years of service:

– Gertrud Fontana

– Ute Rühl

– Florian Stirnkorb

For 10 years of service:

– Simone Bast

– Ilona Brehm

– Roland Langen

– Daniel Scholz

For 15 years of service:

– Jörg Bamberger

For 20 years of service:

– Karina Böttner-Mauß

– Manfred Kitz

– Michael Zulauf

About the B+T Group

The B+T Group takes care of the non-recyclable part of waste and utilises its energy and material potential. With the help of modern sorting, processing and incineration plants, the B+T Group produces fuels of the highest and guaranteed quality and generates valuable energy. In this way, the Group actively reduces the global consumption of fossil fuels.

Founded in 1854, the family-owned company now operates its own plants at 16 locations in three countries (Germany, France, Switzerland) and co-operates with partners in eight other European countries. More than 400 employees work for the B+T Group family – more than 70 of them in France.


Picture of the long-standing employees