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Donation to the town of AlsfeldEnergy value of collected waste donated

“Regional waste becomes regional energy”.

On 19.03.2022, the B+T Group organised the first Alsfeld Butzdaach with the cooperation of the city of Alsfeld. More than 200 participants, associations, many citizens from the region took part in an extremely committed manner and collected more than 2 tonnes of waste. They collected more than 2 tonnes of litter that was lying around in parks, ditches or simply somewhere in the local landscape.

Strengthening the region, giving it even more sparkle and making an active contribution to environmental and climate protection were the motives that prompted the Alsfeld-based B+T Group to organise the event in the year of the town’s anniversary.

The B+T Group’s promise to donate the energy value of the collected waste back to the city in the form of energy generated from it has gained special significance due to the energy crisis that has occurred in the meantime.

Waste and energy have been the B+T Group’s daily topics for almost 30 years. Environmental and climate protection are the goals and challenges that B+T has been pursuing from Alsfeld for many years. With today’s handover of donations by Tanja and Ralf Bohn, the B+T Group would like to make a clear commitment to and for the region and draw attention to the fact that each and every one of us in our homeland can actively make a valuable contribution to this. With the principles of the B+T Group “We give your waste a second (regional) chance”, local waste becomes regional energy and comes a step closer to its goal.

B+T for a greener tomorrow!

Press release 20.10.2022