Sewage sludge – the raw material for saving fossil fuels

Sewage sludge used to be put to primarily agricultural use as fertiliser. A change of legislation in 2017 impeded this. To still process sewage sludge in an ecologically compatible way, it is now incinerated in approved facilities instead. Moreover, sewage sludge can be dessicated and used as granules. We apply this method at some locations, using the surplus energy to save fossil fuels.

Why is sewage sludge attractive as fuel?

  • active climate protection thanks to saving fossil fuels
  • long-term contracts with local authorities, making the use easy to plan
  • ensured accumulation of sewage sludge
  • increase of throughput by decreasing power plant heating value
  • optimisation of incineration residue
  • sewage sludge is a supplier of natural phosphor which can be recovered

Sustainable energy recovery from sewage sludge

Reliable and punctual logistics, in-house desiccation and thermal utilisation facilities: we offer the entire service chain from one source. For our clients, long-term disposal security is a central aspect in waste management. Our concepts accommodate this requirement.

We offer

  • innovations
  • long-term disposal security
  • reliability
  • sustainable methods

We give your sewage sludge a new future through our own facilities and contribute actively to a reduced consumption of fossil fuels.

Long-term disposal security for industrial and municipal sewage plants

There are many reasons to put your disposal security into our hands:

  • transparent disposal channels
  • B+T-owned recycling plants
  • B+T logistics with special HGV trailers for removal directly from municipal sewage plants
  • wealth of experience thanks to 3.5 million tons of disposed waste every year
  • environmentally friendly and cost-effective, through short disposal routes

Our state-of-the-art plants are oriented towards an easy-to-process final product. With B+T-owned technology we can process your sewage sludge reliably all year.

Our decision-making structures are efficient. Our expertise is based on more than 25 years in the waste management industry. Thus, we can adapt quickly to new situations and always offer individually-tailored solutions to our clients.

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