Power plant Chalampé in France

Construction work has begun for the new power plant for the combustion of residue-derived fuels (RDF) and commercial waste in France.

In January 2021, earth works startet with ca. 350 pile borings and more than 12,000 m³ of soil excavated. At the same time, foundations were dug. In March 2021, building began above ground level. The freight elevator in the boiler house, the RDF bunker and further buildings were constructed using the slip-form method.

Start of construction for the Energy Production Center Chalampé (EPCC)

In July 2021, we began assembling the technical components of the power plant. Thus we could successfully complete the boiler pressure test in March 2022. The next step is the cold start-up and, from summer 2022, the warm commissioning. The first RDF combustion and the first synchronisation of the turbo generator are planned for October 2022, the preliminary hand-over from the builder, Standardkessel Baumgarte, for March 2023.