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B+T Energie France SASNew RDF power plant in Chalampé successfully goes into operation

Chalampé. The Energy Production Center Chalampé (EPCC) built by the B+T Group in Chalampé (France) has successfully gone into operation. This will also mark the start of the supply of process steam to the ALSACHIMIE chemical site. By operating the power plant for refuse-derived fuels (RDF) of B+T Energie France SAS, the chemical company can significantly reduce the use of natural gas at the site. In total, around 200,000 tonnes of processed, non-recyclable and non-hazardous waste are thermally utilised at the EPCC per year at the highest technical level.

The waste treatment plant in Pfastatt, which is successfully operated by B+S Recyclage SAS (a member of the B+T Group) and the French partner company Schroll, also plays an important role in this process. The processing plant contributes significantly to the supply of the EPCC and returns valuable raw materials to the recycling process. For the full supply of the EPCC, further long-term contracts were concluded with well-known market participants in France.

Ralf Bohn, shareholder of the B+T Group, is proud of this step: “Together we have worked intensively for more than five years towards this moment. Now the first private-sector RDF power plant in France has successfully gone into operation. Our contractual partner ALSACHIMIE is pleased with us about this forward-looking step and the reduction in dependence on gas for steam production for the chemical site. This is an outstanding achievement by all employees and a very good basis for the corresponding future development of the B+T Group in France.”

Dr. Stefan Bleckwehl, overall responsible for the energy production division in the B+T Group, also looks with pride at the pioneering work of the B+T Group and once again emphasises the advantages of this type of waste utilisation: “By using processed, non-recyclable waste materials from the regional French market in our power plant, we are on the one hand reducing the landfilling of such waste and on the other hand making a significant contribution to resource-saving energy production in the Chalampé region.”

B+T Group’s activities in the Grand Est region have created almost 100 new jobs at the RDF power plant in Chalampé, the waste treatment plant in Pfastatt, the administration in Didenheim and the logistics company.


Picture of the Energy Production Center Chalampé (EPCC)