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B+T Energie France100 days to designated operation at EPCC Chalampé.

The start of cold IBN (commissioning) is one of the major milestones of any power plant project on the way to the intended continuous operation. Cold means “without fire”, i.e. functional tests of all electrical, mechanical and other components of the power plant from the scales to the cranes to each motor to the flue gas cleaning system, simply everything is tested. This takes several weeks until the warm commissioning seamlessly follows, i.e. everything is continued and completed with fire. Fire means gas for the very first time for some time until EBS is used in July. In addition to our almost 40 B+T colleagues, the entire process is now driven day and night by the plant erector SBG and accompanied by currently more than 100 external workers and commissioning engineers.

Thumbs up and good luck for a safe and soon plant start-up in Chalampé

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