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Xmas 2022Oh fir tree … how green are your leaves?

B+T Group is committed to doing its part for a greener tomorrow and preserving the diversity of colors on our planet. Because our life is colourful!

Blue stands for clean water and fresh air. They too are part of a green, sustainable future. Just like the knowledge of the nature of ecosystems and how to preserve them. With small steps that are possible for everyone.

Together we protect and preserve nature, stand for a greener tomorrow and are part of the solution.

With this year’s donation we support the organization Blue Awareness e.V. The association stands for the protection of the oceans, for the liberation of ecosystems from plastic waste, for environmental education with fun at schools and other institutions. And for the courage to achieve great things with small steps.

You can find out more about the association and its activities at

With this in mind, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of wonderful days and happy moments.

Happy New Year everyone and stay

Your B+T Group