Location Chalampé

The natural gas-fired power plant fleet of ALSACHIMIE (a BASF and Domo Chemicals company) at the industrial site in Chalampé, France, which has been in operation for decades, will be supplemented by the Energy Production Centre Chalampé (EPCC ) of B+T Energie France SAS. The EPCC makes an important contribution to the base load supply of high and low pressure steam to ALSACHIMIE’s production facilities. The energy is generated on the basis of regional substitute fuels, commercial waste and other solid waste fuels – and thus replaces the natural gas fuel previously used in these quantities.
Around 200.000 tonnes of substitute fuels are used in the EPCC every year, generating a significant proportion of the steam required by ALSACHIMIE. The required substitute fuels are procured by B+T Environnement SAS.

The EPCC is the first privately constructed power plant for substitute fuels in France.


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Operations Management

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Construction management / power plant management France

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Deputy operations manager B+T Energie France

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