Disposal of power plant residues and ash in small quantities

Our B+T Cineris is a certified specialist for the professional, reliable disposal of power plant residue. This highly complex task requires a lot of experience and expertise. Still, we ensure that your company can continue operations undisturbed during the disposal process. We guarantee that all waste legislation is complied with without fault. We bundle requirements and solutions in an energy concept that is individually tailored to you.

Your advantages are:

  • accountability to company and environment
  • cost reduction thanks to individual solutions
  • transparency and openness

And something else too: We know and use the material properties of your waste precisely. We make sensible use of even the last remnants.

B+T system box: dispose small quantities of ash perfectly

Our B+T system box is perfectly tailored to the needs of small and mid-size bio-energy heating facilities and offers a variety of benefits.

Be it bottom, boiler, cyclone, or filter ash – even small amounts of waste must be disposed of professionally. We offer an innovative and safe comprehensive solution, from consulting to final disposal. Get to know our swap container system, especially if you only have small quantities that you need to dispose of.

Our specifically developed B+T system box offers the following benefits:

  • fire protection against pockets of embers
  • clean, safe, dust-free, stackable, robust
  • saves big-bags and pallets
  • 18 m³ metal container that is rented and individually adaptable on site
  • flexible rental agreements including services
  • sale of box lids for individual adaptation

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